"It's a Lifestyle" with Gina

"It's a Lifestyle" encompasses interesting careers, backgrounds, and lifestyles. In an understated setting, guests are interviewed to give the audience insight into what has allowed them to succeed in their chosen career and how that success has affected their lives. These insights inspire and motivate members of the audience to take initiative on their aspirations. It airs weekly on public access in metro Atlanta with an audience of 2.8 million subscribers as well as Manhattan on a bi-weekly basis.

Recently announced, the Colours TV, the new multicultural network, will be adding “It’s a Lifestyle” to its weekly line-up. CoLours TV can be found in the top 100 markets serving 17 million households, through satellite and cable. Go to CoLourstv.org for more information.

Some Past Guests include:

TV Media personalities: Tom Johnson, former CEO of CNN; Monica Pearson, Atlanta news anchor; Paul Ossmann, Atlanta weather person; Ted Hall, Edward R. Murrow award-winner/news anchor; Tom Sullivan, host of Atlanta and Company; Ann Marie Lucas/Mark McDonald of Animal Precinct; John Pruitt, Atlanta news anchor; Gail Evans, former Executive VP of CNN/author

Sports figures: Jamal Lewis, running back for the Cleveland Browns, Dan Reeves, Former Head Coach of the Denver Broncos, N Y Giants, and ATL Falcons; Lenny Wilkins, NBA Hall of Fame; Jay Feely, placekicker for Miami Dolphins; Drew Hill, former wide receiver for Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons; Ray Lloyd (Glacier), wrestler; Rob Adonis, wrestler

Radio Personalities: Vikki Locke, morning drive of B98.5; Steve McCoy, Atlanta Radio personality; Bert Weiss, morning show Q 100; Cindy Simmons & Ray Mariner, morning drive Star 94; Jimmy Baron, 99X/actor, Steak Shapiro, Mayhem in the A.M.; Moby, Moby in the Morning; Ron Herbert, Radio Promotion Specialist/Bonus Music

Musicians: Kamaal of Arrested Development; Jeff Carlisi of 38 Special; Ryan Waters of Sade; Hush; Blackshire Brothers, Doo Wop Boiz; Peter Marino, Onehourdrummer, America’s Got Talent Remote Kontrol, Rapper Yung Joc; Remote Kontrol; Unknown Lyric; Eshe of Arrested Development; Kristie Salerno, singer/songwriter; John Martin of Seed ‘n Feed Marching Abominable

Attorneys: Jerry Froelich, Criminal Defense; GA Superior Court Judge Craig Schwall; Mark Spix, Criminal Defense, Bill McKenney, Civil/Criminal, Adam Hames, Entertainment/Civil/Criminal; Jesse Spikes, Corporate

Politicians: Sam Massell, former Atlanta Mayor; Bob Barr, former GA Congressman; David Chastain, Atlanta Libertarian party; Tom Houck, political strategist

Writers: Mike Luckovich, editorial cartoonist; Sidney Pike, former president of CNN International Special Projects; Dr. Tim Irwin, PhD., Clinical/Industrial/Organizational Psychologist: Stephen Ambrose, historian/author; action-fiction writer Greg Loomis, Best- selling author Karen White; Scott Sergent, author; Robyn Spizman, New York Times, Bestselling author/TV personality; Dr. Richard Blue, PhD., psychologist/author; Patrice Dickey, author; Tom Casey, publisher; Khalil; fashion designer; Dr. Eric Plaskar, author; Kevin Pappas, author/filmmaker: Dr. Neil Schulman, author/playwright

Actors/Playwrights/Artists: Kenney Leon, Broadway Director, John Gibson and Anthony Morris of Peachtree Battle, actress Carol Leon-Mitchell, of Fried Green Tomatoes, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Idlewild, and multiple theatre roles; Chris Kayser, GA Shakespeare Festival/Alliance Theatre; Judith Sullivan, voice coach; Farrell Blease, playwright; LoriKay, photographer, Lisa Mathews, sculptor; Raymond Goins, Raymond Goins Designs; Dave Cohen, actor/former voice of the Yankees; Anita Roll, artist; Diane Casey, actress; Michael Boone, magician; Wayne Zwick, Dance for Two; Parthiban, filmmaker; Pam Sharpe, actress; Kitty Bundy, Agent/Presence; Poane, photographer/artist

Entrepreneur/Misc.: Alf Nucifora, international media consultant; Michael Fields, NPR Southern Bureau Chief; Scottie Mayfield, president of Mayfield Dairy; Marc Costelo, PlaytoGrow child development; Connie Miller, eZen Tea; Becky Harmon, Success not Sabatoge; Carol Neustadt, ghostbuster; Carlton Young, motivational speaker; Fred Perpall, architect; Mike McKeller, Motivational speaker; Rodney Mims Cook, architect; Dr. Joyce, psychologist; Tony Promiscuo, Godiva Salon; Barbara Kaufman, Chapter 11; Klaus Obermeier, inventor; Sam Douglas/Brandon Williams, Just Skills of Atlanta; Stephen Diebler, safari hunter; John Alston, cloud computing; Peter Miralles, Atlanta Wealth Consultants; Maureen Grady-Tatge, CranioSacral therapist; Mark Jupiter, New World Home; Waldo, Wingman/motivational speaker

Comedians: Jerry Farber, comedian; Red Neckerson, national syndicated radio humorist; Dylan Riggs, comedian

Charity Founders: Ron Clark of Ron Clark Academy; Dina Zeckhausen PhD. of EDIN; Arnie Silverman of My Sister’s House; Kate Atwood, Kate’s Club; Randi Passoff, Atlanta 2-Day; Anna Latshaw, Hands of Love USA; Orrin Hudson, Be Someone; Tess Cunningham, domestic violence advocate; David Jayne, ALS advocate; Rachel Wallack, VOX Teen Communication; Minna Hong, disabilities advocate/jewelry artisan; David Geigerman, Hand of Love advocate; Claudia Turner, charity advocate; Jeff Gray, City of Refuge; Julie Graybill, Mrs. GA ’04/EDIN advocate

Chefs: Paul Albrecht, executive chef of 4 Star restaurants; Paul Luna, restaurateur; Angela McKeller, Kick Back and Kook